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Now Offering Custom Cuts!

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Golden Belt Beef is proud to offer Custom Cuts for our customers.  

Our custom beef is sold based upon the hanging or "dressed" weight of the animal.  The head, hide, hooves and internal "bits" are removed.  The typical dressed weight is approximately 700-800 lbs.  What we are now offering our customers is the option to purchase the same delicious cuts you find in our store at at bulk buying cost!

What cuts are available?

The beauty of Custom Cuts is that you get to select how your portion is cut and packaged.  You will fill out a simple form online that will walk you through the different options available.  Regardless of the offering you select, you will have the option to receive Sirloin Steaks, Ribeye Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, KC Strip Steaks, Filets, Minute Steaks, Round Steaks, Chuck, Arm, Pikes Peak, Rum or Sirloin Tip Roasts, Short Ribs, Soup Bones, Brisket, Stew Meat and of course, Ground Beef.

What does something like this cost?

We've priced our Custom Cuts to be affordable for you to take advantage of this with the following pricing:

  • Whole Beef (approx. 750-800 lbs.) - $4.25 per pound

  • Half Beef (approx. 350-400 lbs. ) - $4.50 per pound

  • Quarter Beef (approx. 150-200 lbs. ) - $4.75 per pound


These prices includes standard processing on our basic cuts.  We are unable to list an exact price for each of these as the final cost will be dependent upon dressed weight and packaging selections.  You can get a rough idea of what the final cost will be by using our listed approximate weights.  


How do I pay?

We require a $200 non-refundable deposit for each Custom Order placed.  This deposit reserves your spot for one of our Wholes, Halves and Quarters.  Once we receive the dressing weights from our processor, we will invoice you the total with your deposit deducted off.  Payment is required in full prior to pick up of your beef.   Any questions please contact our St. John Store (620-617-5057) and we will be happy to assist you.  


How long does it take for our order to be ready?

Depending upon date availability, our beef dry ages for 21 days to ensure the best quality of the carcass.  Open slots are listed on the cut sheet form and will be listed on our Facebook pages.  We offer them on a first come first serve basis.  However, if you would like to plan ahead and reserve a Whole, Half or Quarter for a future month, you are welcome to do so.  We ask that you specify that in the notes of your order.

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