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"From Our Farm, To Your Table"

Some may view those words as just a slogan, but here at Golden Belt Beef, we take those words to heart. With over 50 years of experience and 3 generations, what began as a dream of a young man to feed cattle back in the early 60’s has transpired into an industry leading, family owned operation that takes pride in quality and service. For years, our farms have nourished and produced Prime & Choice beef that have fed our families and we want to share that experience with you.



Our farm is located right north of the small South Central Kansas town of St. John, where you won’t find a truer meaning to “Kansas Made”. Our cattle receive top notch care and feed 365 days a year from carefully trained employees who we consider family.



So, come be a part of our family and let us provide you with the top notch beef we have loved for years. You can come visit us at our store located at 8020 West 151st Street in Overland Park to browse our current selection.   We also offer site to store shopping and ship anywhere in the Continental United States.  

Welcome to the Golden Belt Beef Family

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