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Up She Goes!

We've been a little quiet on building site updates because for a while there, we were literally waiting for the cement to dry! Once it was finally all poured and cured, it's been buzzing with activity!

Cement was poured in three parts over the course of about a weeks time. First, the floor for the main store was completed as we showed you last time we posted. Next came the pour for the backroom followed by the final pour, after electrical and plumbing was in place, for the walk in freezer! We are very excited about having a walk in freezer to help us manage and keep your favorite cuts in stock and readily accessible!

Completed Concrete

The middle of last week the "building" arrived and the crew from Schenkle Construction began erecting the frame on Monday!

Once they started building, it didn't take long for the silhouette of the building to take shape!

Notice in the middle picture above the size comparison of the "little red shed" compared to the new "red shed'!

Despite windy conditions, construction continued on!

Through it all, we've had our trusty onlooker's keeping a watchful eye on the progress!

Stay tuned for more updates as things begin to happen at a quicker pace.

What are you most looking forward to in our new store?

Until next time.........

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