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Know Your Beef - Part 2 Rib

A few weeks ago we took a look at the Chuck primal cut of the cow. Did you learn anything? Well this week we are going to move back on the animal just a little bit and go over the Rib primal cut!

As the name implies, the Rib primal cut references the meat cut from the animal's rib and backbone. There are 13 pairs of ribs on a cow but of those 13, only the last 6 are found in this primal cut. The rest are grouped with the Chuck, which we discussed last week.

The main muscle of the beef rib is the longissimus dorsi or rib eye muscle. This muscle is situated high on the back of the animal. This muscle is one that does not get much exercise which means some of the tenderest meat comes from this muscle. This muscle

Rib cuts are notable for their fatty marbling, tenderness and distinctive flavor

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