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Footings For The Future

Last week was a busy week around Golden Belt Beef. It's not everyday a building, no matter the size, is moved! Once the dust settled on the move, it was time for the dirt work to begin.

Since our new store will be about three times the size of our current store, dirt work had to be done before any construction could begin. Once again, the maintenance crew from Golden Belt Feeders stepped up to the plate and went to work removing the old concrete, leveling the little hill the old store stood on and smoothing out fresh, new dirt that was brought in.

Dirt work at the site of the new store.
Dirt work at the site of the new store.

The guys with Schenkle Construction wasted little time and got to work right away. Measurements were taken, marks were made and footings were almost ready to pour by the end of Thursday.

Prep work being done prior to setting the footings.

By the end of the day on Friday, the outline of our new home was curing and you could see for yourself exactly where the Big Red Shed will be!

Footers in place from the North side looking South. East side of the store.

Larger view of the footers in place for the new store.

Picture taken from the current store looking South at the new store site.

In the picture above you can see the trees on the left side of the picture that the old store sat right to the west of. This gives you a little bit of any idea on the new store's size if you haven't been out to visit us recently.

The dirt mounds have been leveled out that were hiding the store so you can now see it from the highway. We've laid rock down outside the door to help keep the dirt and hopefully sometime soon, mud out. We are completely back up and running as usual, just with a slightly different view!

Stay tuned to the blog here for weekly store updates. Next time we will be sharing what the exterior of the new store will look like and have more updates as progress is being made everyday. Make sure and click Subscribe to be alerted to new blog posts.

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