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Extra Grande!

Progress is moving right along with the new store construction even though it looks like absolutely nothing is happening from the outside. Walls have been framed up and we can actually get a decent idea of the size we will be working with. Compared to the Little Red Shed, we just might get lost in the new store!

Here's a quick look at the walls that have went up on the inside.

This in the wall that separates the backroom from the store floor. The counter will be along this wall along with a few things that might just remind you of our Overland Park store.

Here's the view from the front door! Sheet rock is up on the west, north and south walls!

This opening here will feature swinging double doors to allow us to easily transfer stock from the back room out to the freezers on the store floor.

This bad boy has all of us excited! A Big Walk In Freezer!!! Isn't she pretty! Ok, maybe we have dealt with lugging boxes of meat in and out of freezer for too long but we really, truly are excited about this feature of the new store!

Through that door is another part of the store we gals are excited for......the bathroom!!!

This last picture is taken from the outside door on the west side of the building that opens up into the back room. This gives you an idea of how much space we will have to prep and package all those online orders. And it gives you a little bit better idea of just how BIG the walk in freezer is!

As we get closer to our grand opening, the updates regarding the store will be a little fewer. We are planning a special event to showcase the new store and invite you all to come experience a supreme shopping experience at Golden Belt Beef. Details on that event will be coming in the near future so stay tuned!

Until next week, please excuse our construction mess and come see us at the Little Red Shed!

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